Welcome/Bem-vindo to our 101st Annual Celebration
July 30 - August 2, 2015

Here comes the Heat! (but in a good way)

Each year, the spirit of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrement is sealed within us all at the cooking pits. Barbequing Carne de Esprito, in its many forms, some using onions, peppers, sauces, traditional salt, wine, beer or any other incantation known to man, while standing closely side by side, elbow to elbow, the heat from the pits purifies us by burning away our pettiness and attitudes, binding us all to the precepts of the Feast itself; selflessness and brotherhood. Whether you see me there or someone else, carry on the traditon at the pits and give your fellow folks a smile, offer your neighbor a piece of meat and wish everyone a happy Feast. The karma you create will last you the entire year!

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