Welcome/Bem-vindo to our 103rd Annual Celebration
August 3,4,5,6, 2017

Sonia Bettencourt, Fado Singer

Sonia Bettencourt sings in English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, and is fluent in the 3 first languages mentioned. She has also sung in German and Latin in the several choirs she belonged to as a child and teenager. Including “Coro de Santo Amáro de Oeiras” known as one of the best choirs in Portugal.

March 2014 is the start of a surprising and great new project, Sonia always had the dream of sing fado and she was a great fan of Amália Rodrigues. When she was invited by Liliana DeSousa to perform among other fado artists, she was thrilled. Liliana DeSousa is one of the biggest promoters of fado that we have in USA and gave Sonia the chance to do what she loves the most. That night Sonia performed with two great guitar players, Viriato Ferreira and Manuel Leite and the bond with fado have just started. After this first experience, José Silva (another great guitar player) joined this project with Sonia.  Read her full bio here

See Sonia Bettencourt LIVE!

Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

August 4 - August 7, 2016

Listen and watch Sonia Bettencourt


Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

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