Welcome/Bem-vindo to our 101st Annual Celebration
July 30 - August 2, 2015

Tastes For Feast

Tastes For Feast


Milho Frito- Here's a special new offering that will bring back memories of what your Portuguese gandma used to make to go along with a big meal.  Cornmeal, garlic, finely shredded kale and quick dip in hot oil makes this old favorite a great snack item to go along with some carne d'espeto.  Offered for sale near the carne d'espeto barbecue pit!


Join us!  Starts this Thursday!

 Description of Foods & Beverages

ATUM - Marinated tuna pieces with onion and parsley served cold in a Portuguese bread roll or as cooked tuna steaks.

BACALHAU - Codfish chunks in a flavorful "molho" of Portuguese spices, garlic, parsley and onions.

CABRA - Tender young goat meat cooked in tomatoes, herbs and Portuguese spices.

CAÇOILA - Pork butts marinated in wine-vinegar, then stewed.

CARNE de ESPETO - Tender barbequed cubes of top-grade beef spiced with coarse salt, bay leaves and garlic powder.

CARNE GALINHA - Roasted chicken, prepared Portuguese style, mildy seasoned with an aromatic blend of spices and served with vegetables.

CARNE GUISADA - Stewed beef steeped in natural juices, seasoned and spiced to perfection.

CARNE de VINHO e ALHOS - Delicious pork cubes marinating in Madeira wine, garlic and Portuguese spices and herbs and cooked to perfection.

COELHO - Stewed tender young rabbit cooked Portuguese style.

FAVAS - Large, flat beans cooked and simmered in a savory, spicy sauce.

LINGUIÇA - A spicy, tangy Portuguese sausage, grilled and served in a Portuguese bread roll.

MALASSADAS - Deep-fried Portuguese dough, soft and fluffy and coated with sugar.

TREMÔÇOS - Small yellow Portuguese beans served cold as a delicious appetizer to compliment your beverage.

VINHO - Madeira wine and sangria full of flavor from the vineyards of Madeira.

CERVEJA - Beer always served cold from the tap.

ÁGUA - The finest spring water served in bottles.

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