Welcome/Bem-vindo to our 103rd Annual Celebration
August 3,4,5,6, 2017


The 2013 Feast President - Jeff Coutinho

Bem Vindo a 99th Festa do Santissimo Sagrado Sacramento!

Welcome to the 99th Feast of the Blessed Sacrament!

          Being nominated this year’s feast President gives me the opportunity to carry on the tradition started by my grandfather almost 100 years ago.  He would have been amazed at how the feast has grown  and proud that his ancestors continue what he and 3 friends began so long ago.  The Feast is a unique tradition that brings family and friends together at the peak of the summer to enjoy the great entertainment, taste the wonderful food and of course, sample the Madeira wine!  Whether you are cooking your carne de espeto over the fire or biting into a warm malassada, you can be sure to have a good time and meet old and new friends at the feast.

  I had always dreamed about being president of the feast someday and now that day has come.  I am very excited and proud to have my family with me.  My father, brother, godson and cousins all make up part of this year’s committee making it extra special to have three generations come together to serve this year.  It truly does take a full year to plan the feast; what lies ahead are countless meetings and hard work for the festeiros, club members and volunteers.  I am confident that all of our hard work will bring another memorable feast to life this August.  Although I am very lucky to have tremendous support from my committee and club members, I am even more appreciative of my wife Chanda and our two beautiful children, Melandia and Marcio who are always by my side.  They give me the confidence and support I need throughout the year. 

Obrigado! I’ll see you at “The Feast”!

Jeff Coutinho

99th President of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament



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